How New Ways of Marketing Can Help You Survive in this volatile Market

Divyesh Rana
9 min readOct 18, 2020


Do you know, how good marketing skills can boost the revenues of your business?

Do you know the importance of marketing in the real world?

In this article, I am talking about the fundamentals of marketing and its lows. How communication skills are important in marketing.

I have also covered some proven techniques to market your products or service easily and position your brand in the market.

You can consider this article as a small guide to learn marketing.

This article is for students who are persuading their graduation and confused about choosing their career paths, who are in their early stages of marketing career and professionals can also consider the article to refresh their knowledge.

Everyone is a marketer on this earth. Everyone represents themselves to the world around them.

Everyone needs attention so that they feel good about themselves. Even Though they are not selling something but they want to grab the attention of others.

So to position yourself personally and professionally you need to learn marketing.

Good marketing skills can give you your desired results in the market.

We should be serious about marketing. It’s not just a topic, it is a way of living. A person who knows how to do marketing can survive in any situation.

Let’s start the journey of marketing.


First of all, You need to understand the main purpose of marketing.

Whenever a company launches new products or services. They need to spread awareness about their new products or services. They need to tell people how these products or services can ease their lives.

Without marketing, it is not possible to aware people of new things in the market. And awareness about something creates demand for that product or service.

When the demand is increased the business will grow by itself. The product must fulfill the customer’s needs.

There are some laws of Marketing :

Law of Leadership: Being first in the market with a product is better than being last with having a better product.

Law of Category: It is hard to gain leadership with a lot of competition.

Law of Perception: Marketing is not about products, their features, or quality but about the perception of how people perceive products.

Law of Duality: In the long run every market becomes a two-horse race. You can see McDonald's vs Burger King, the latest example to be set is JIO vs Airtel or VI.

In previous decades the marketing was being done in a “traditional manner”. People give advertising in newspapers, announcements in the town with loudspeakers, banners, hoardings, and lots more. There was no concept of showing advertising to only a targeted audience. So, the advertising shows most people who will not find themselves relate to that. It was a one-way communication with people.

But nowadays there is a new approach being developed in the era of the Internet. It’s called Digital marketing. With Digital Marketing you can target specific audiences who are most likely becoming your customer in the future. And it’s cost-effective. It's two-way communication with people. you can interact with them directly.

But one thing needs to be remembered that marketing concepts and its purpose are the same in traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

The path is different but the destination is the same.


The purpose of marketing is to increase recall value in your customer’s minds about your products or services. It’s a strategy to promote your unique strength.

  1. Niche Marketing: It targets specific demographics, specific psychographic, and specific geographic. This means, to a specific customer, a specific product sold at a specific price.
  2. Trade show Marketing: Everyone from the same industry comes under one roof. Sometimes people get bulk orders from customers from here. You can meet new customers, new vendors, new partners.
  3. Digital Marketing: You can promote your products and services online and generate sales. It’s the most effective way to reach end customers easily and effectively. You can build credibility and trust in your brand in the market.
  4. Freebie Marketing: Give some low-value items for free to gain the attention of new people, add some feel-good factor about your brand, and in the future, you can sell other products.
  5. Undercover Marketing: They create hype about upcoming events or products without disclosing it. They create curiosity about that. They become the talk of the town.


Wherever your “Why” is clear in your mind then “How” will take care of itself. Your mind will automatically find a way to fulfill your “why”.

So, why should you learn marketing?

Imagine you have a great talent for painting. Your paintings are so impressive. But you can not make a profit out of your passion. why?

Because there is a lack of knowledge of marketing. If you know how to market your talent you can become another big artist in that industry and your paintings can sell with a good amount of money.

If you are an employee of a company and you want a higher position in that company. Even for that, you need to market yourself in front of your boss that you are capable of handling that position.

And if you own a company you already know why marketing skills are needed.

I hope I cleared you're “Why”

Now it’s time to answer “How”

You can start learning new ways of marketing: Digital Marketing. You can implement Digital marketing in your business and get benefits from it. You can shift your offline business online and acquire new customers.

Talking about who can do digital marketing. Trust me guys there is no restriction on that you can just go through the blog it will clear your doubts about it.

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Communication is the root of relationships.

Communication is all about knowing other people’s mindset and thought process. If you can solve this puzzle then your communication would get more interactive and interesting to other people.

Your marketing skill always depends on how well you communicate with your customer. If your customer did not get an interest in your conversation they will ignore you. And you will lose your business.

As a marketer, you should try to decode the psychology of the person you are talking to. And once you decode that you can communicate easily and effectively.

Good communication can help you in your personal life as well as professional life.

There is the best example of good communication in the real world. Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extraordinary communication skills.

PM Modi has that level of communication skill by which his critics also converts into his fans.

We show the effectiveness of his communication in this pandemic situation. Announcing lockdowns in countries like India could be disastrous. But he convinced people so well that everyone agrees with his decision.

There are plenty of communication mediums by which you can communicate with your customers. Nowadays in the era of the internet, you can communicate with your customers in many ways.

You can use digital marketing techniques to interact with your existing customers and your prospects. And you can create recall value in their mind. So that whenever they need a product you sell the first name comes into their mind will be yours.


Talking specifically about Digital Marketing there are some common methods of it.

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Display Marketing
  6. Content Marketing

Every single method is having its benefit. You can use each method separately like everyone is using right now.

Or you can integrate multiple methods for one specific goal to increase customer base and eventually increase the sales.

We can use Content as a center point of the whole marketing plan. We can consider content as a captain of the team and other methods are team players and they all know their expertise.

Every method will work as a team and with this integration, you can get the desired results from your Digital Marketing efforts.

Integrated Digital marketing is an integration of different methods of Digital Marketing. Each method will share same goal.
Integrated Digital marketing

You can refer to the above diagram to create a relevant strategy with Integrated Digital marketing.

You should have a quality and relevant content and in the middle of the strategy.

Once the quality content has been created you can post it to your blog or website.

Now you can drive traffic to your blog or website with the use of Paid Advertising, Search Engines Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

You can share your content on Social Media and drive traffic to your blog or website.

In this process of knowledge sharing for free, you can ask for their email ids.

Once you get their email Ids you can connect them personally or use an email marketing tool and give them value by sending the quality content you create.

Before you take them into your funnel please make sure you gathered their trust and they want to listen to you.

You build trust and credibility in front of people who become regular readers of your blog or emails.

And with Email Marketing and Content Marketing sales can be done.

You can also get an idea of the C.A.T.T funnel from the above example.

CATT funnel represents a flow by wich you can build your brand and sell products in a step by step manner.
The CATT Funnel

C — Content

A — Attention

T — Trust

T — Transaction

You build quality content and get attention from people, by a regular conversation with people with your quality content people started trusting you. And at the end, they are getting ready to pay for your products & Services in the transaction sanction.


The best way of marketing is to create your personal brand.

Your personal brand can be built by mass trust. It’s a narrative that accepted by many people created by you.

It’s a conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception.

By personal branding, you can influence people to join your company, attract clients, and convert them. Your personal brand represents who you are and you are your own brand ambassador.

The best example I can give you is Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. He runs lots of companies but he is a brand himself. He is known for making impossible things possible. You can consider him a real-life Tony Stark if you watch marvel movies.

You also can get this done by your unique skills and strong willpower.

If you don’t have a unique skill then you can learn it and implement it and become perfect in it.

But your willpower is always within you. Your willpower gives you the courage to achieve whatever it feels like impossible for you in your life.

MassTrust Blueprint is useful in creating your personal brand. It can help you gain trust of people and positin your self.
MassTrust Blueprint

You can create your personal brand by using the blueprint above. It's called MassTrust Blueprint.

You can first learn and then work on it.

Then you can write blogs about it.

Then start consulting people for that.

If you are at a level that you can consult people then you can teach people how to to do the same you are doing.

And finally, your startup can be established.

But the same cycle will always keep running.

“Learn — Work — Blog — Consult — Mentor — Startup”

I know the article became a bit lengthy. But, I wanted to give you in-depth information that I know about marketing. By implementing these into your business or your life you can create an impact. People will notice you.

I will be so happy when you get benefited from the information you read in this article.

I also welcome your comments and suggestions on it.

Please do share if you get value from it. You can visit the blog that I am regularly updating.

This whole article could become possible because of the Digital Deepak Internship program. It’s a part of the Digital Deepak Internship program and I am so glad that I could write this article.


Signing off,

Divyesh Rana